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MES - Comarch ERP XL Add on

The production panel your business needs

  • Forming brigade or operation registration

    Registration of production operations by operators, helpers or setters (depending on competences and qualifications) directly in the production hall is one of the most sought-after functionalities by production managers. The Production Panel enables the user to log in to the system and start the process of forming a brigade or registering operations by a single employee. We focused on the maximum simplification of the production registration process, hiding the complicated program code, integration via API with the Comarch ERP XL system in the background, in a way that is invisible to the user.

  • Employee, technological operation, machine

    Regardless of whether we will register technological operations as part of a production order in a discrete production model, process production, unit production, resource-intensive production, serial production, etc., we need to indicate who will perform the operation, which operation, on which production resource (machine, line, production cell).

  • IE - internal expenditure / IR - internal revenue

    The consumption of materials necessary for the production of a detail, semi-finished product, component, part, assembly or finished product is recorded using the IE document. Associated with this is the document of acceptance of the index produced on the inventory (internal revenue). Documents are paired and automatically registered using the API in the Comarch ERP XL system. This is a gigantic workflow improvement.

  • Work Card - full of barcodes

    The use of barcodes in electronic communication or on paper documents can simplify, automate and speed up almost any operator's work. We focused on barcoding everything we could. In this way, registration based on a work card is trivial and does not require hours of training or implementation. The documents are transparent and their information scope is, according to our users, complete. Each client has a work card tailored to their individual needs. Registered operations are automatically registered in Comarch ERP XL.

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